Capability Statement


HiTRON is the premier choice in Papua New Guinea for all television and data communication services. Since 1982 we have installed thousands of satellite TVRO and TV re-broadcast systems. Our MMDS TV system in Port Moresby is unsurpassed in quality and reliability. A Vsat data communications system, installed, maintained and hosted by HiTRON provides the largest bank in Papua New Guinea with reliable connection to all its branches throughout the country. Our Wireless Internet network provides the fastest and most reliable connection to the world wide web.

Quality Assurance

We are a Quality Assurance ISO9001 certified company. We have been nominated for an award of excellence in 2004. Quality Assurance is a top priority in our business. Our Quality Management Program is in place to ascertain our work is consistently of the highest possible standard to ensure fullest customer satisfaction, setting a new standard for any television and data communications company on PNG.

Capabilities & Competencies

  • Design, supply, installation and ongoing support of SATELLITE TVRO
  • Design, supply, installation and ongoing support of CABLE TV networks
  • Design, supply, installation and ongoing support of TV and FM Radio re-broadcasting
  • Installation and ongoing support of MMDS TV network (Port Moresby only)
  • Engineering Consultancy services for all repeater site, building and power requirements
  • Our experienced technicians service all locations throughout Papua New Guinea
    Wireless Data
  • Design, supply, installation and ongoing support of MICROWAVE networks anywhere in PNG.
  • Design, supply, installation and ongoing support of Vsat networks
  • Design, supply, installation and ongoing support of private WAN's
  • Our experienced technicians service all locations throughout Papua New Guinea
  • COMING SOON - Brand New Licensed "Point to Multi-point Network!

HiTRON Office

The HiTRON Ltd office, located at the corner of Gabaka and Morata Streets in the Port Moresby suburb of Gordons, consists of the administration complex, warehouses, workshops and the headends for all television and data communication services. Also located at the HiTRON Ltd office are the MMDS transmission tower, satellite receiving and uplink antennas.

Backup & Support

Our legendary backup and support systems are in place to maintain and repair any of our installations country wide at the shortest possible notice. Our workshops are equipped with state of the art testing and repair equipment.

We stock all components and parts at our warehouses to ensure continuity of our services to our customers through out the country.

Major Projects


This network faced enormous challenges and hurdles given the topographical environment in Port Moresby.

With it's many hills , it is recognised as one of the more difficult locations in the world to transmit 2.5 - 2.7 Ghz signals. It is now history that we were able to establish a network of repeater sites, all backed up by generators and UPS power so as to maintain continuity of service.

In 2008 we rolled out our new digital headend to customers using the existing analog service and also to new customers wanting our many new programs.

The result with Digital is clearer pictures, more services provided to an ever-diverse market in Port Moresby.


The requirement was to procure and install a fully redundant hub along with an independant site which could be made operational on demand.

The hub was to provide 2 way data communications to the bank's branches nationwide. Each site was equipped with a backup generator and suitably sized UPS support. Hitron's data team manage the network which has proven to be virtually trouble free.


HiTRON is excited to announce that we commenced operating as an ISP in Port Moresby on 1st July 2010.

We have striven to build a system that meets the needs of Internet users in Port Moresby. The system will operate in a fashion similar to our current Wireless Internet Link and MMDS Television services.

Our service is the best available in Port Moresby! We designed our system to address concerns and requests based upon customer feedback.

We also provide wireless solutions for Corporate customers all over PNG.

Hitron Private Networks

If your business or organisation has its headquarters in Port Moresby and you have branches remote from Port Moresby, we can help you. We are providing secure data pipes with CIR bandwidth which will give you reliable links to your remote sites.

Our uplink facility is in Port Moresby and we can get you anywhere in the country, all you need is a 2.4 meter earth station. The last mile from our uplink to the customer headquarters in Port Moresby is achieved by using a licensed microwave link.

Hitron HPN

. . . and finally

Hitron has a long term commitment to providing quality data and television products. We are a company with a philosophy to strive for excellence and are continually reinvesting and developing with new products. Hitron is proud of its achievements in a developing nation with its many challenges. Our progress comes from having a team of truly dedicated hard working professionals.

We look to the future with confidence.

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